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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tyler Talk

Tyler is our youngest. He just turned two years old last month. So, the fact that he's not talking isn't a huge deal, but it's one of those things that makes my life more difficult. I like easy.

Tyler's pediatrician thought that perhaps a speech therapist could help him verbalize more and after thinking about it some we decided why not give it a shot. It wasn't going to hurt anything, and maybe it would help. It's been four months now and, although there has been progress, it's nothing to write home about.

Today we were working on a puzzle with Miss Melanie, the speech therapist, and she pointed to something and said, "Tractor...well, I guess it's more of a bulldozer." I looked at it and called it an excavator. She laughed, saying, "It's obvious you have an older son too."

To which I said, "And at Tyler's age Jace knew all the names of each construction truck. He'd correct me if I was wrong. That's why we're so befuddled by Tyler."

I know we're not supposed to compare the kids, but it baffles me how Jace and Gracie could be saying so much at this age and Tyler still seems like a baby in so many ways. It's hard to think of him as older because he isn't talking, hardly at all. He does say the "c" sound for cup and very occasionally pops out with a two word phrase like "Dada go?" When he said that it was pretty cute...he had his little hands up and his head cocked to the side, questioning. But it's so rare. I just wish he'd communicate with words!

The really great thing, though, is that his comprehension is perfect. When we were working on that puzzle today Tyler went to the door and pointed at Miss Melanie's red Explorer after he put in the red truck piece. He ran and got his blue pick up and his loader after putting in the those pieces. She was smiling about how smart he really is. At the same time she was shaking her head, "He's got it in him. We've heard him say the sounds. One day he's just gonna start talking up a storm."

Miss Melanie's probably right. I wonder when one of these days will be.


Bearden 365 said...

You know we're in the same boat--although I had no older children to compare him to! Andrew will be 4 in April, and he's still got a ways to go. He excels in other ways, as I'm sure Tyler does! ;o)

limpingalong said...

One of my Grandson's really didn't talk much until he was 3-1/2 or more. Today he is an honors student and communicated extremely well.