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Monday, January 25, 2010

Great Quotes From Today

"This is all very interesting, but why don't you read to yourself for a while."

"Ok....Wow!...Mama, when you want me to tell you, you're really gonna like this fact....Oh! I didn't know that!...Mama, I have a great fact about dolphins to tell you when you want to hear it....Oh, my goodness! I didn't know that. This book is full or really great facts. Mama, are you sure you don't want to hear this one right now?" (Jace from the back seat on the ride home from school. He got a new book about ocean animals.)


"This is a business transaction. Honesty can get set aside for a time." (Scott)


"Put the cow on the ground. The cow belongs on the ground." (Me)


"You're gonna want your helmet for this one, Gracie." (Jace to his sister before pushing her around in the wagon.)


"Can I invite Samantha over?"


"She's part Indian which means she's strong and she could help me move the bigger sticks around in the woods." (Jace, referring to one of his classmates who I've met and doesn't look either Native American or to be from India...but whichever Jace believes she is, partially, apparently that ethnic background also makes her strong.)


"Gracie...get your hand out of your pants!"

"But my panties are in my butt!" (It should be noted that I had a similar exchange with Gracie two years ago. I remember we were in the car outside Jace's preschool, waiting for his day to be done. I was on the phone with my mom and suddenly noticed Gracie's pants were around her ankles. When I questioned why she had pulled her pants down, she told me her panties were in her butt then too. So, at least we're making progress.)


I think that's it for now. Hopefully enough of a glimpse into the beginning of our week to keep your week going just swimmingly...

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