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Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's In A Name?

I live in the South, currently. It's an interesting study in names. When we first moved in some neighbors stopped by to say hello. One gentleman introduced himself, "My name is James, not Jimmy...that's my brother. Still not sure why Mama did that?" I'm not kidding.

Then, when Jace started school he came home with friends called Little John and Big Red. These nicknames probably aren't all that unusual, but seem the perfect fit for Rural Georgia, don't they?

Last week, while I was waiting to pick Jace up from school I heard a mother say to her son, "Brutus! You git over here! Did I tell ya to go over yonder? No, sir. I'm you're mama, ain't I? You git over here and listen to your mama!" My windows were open and I had to concentrate so I didn't start laughing!

And then there's kid's names...I know a Jayden, Brayden, Hayden and Ayden. I have cousins named Marrissa, Terressa, and Tessa. Gracie's class has a Christian and Tristian, a Tiera and Talea, and a Passion.

Names can be so much fun. I really enjoy learning new ones and hearing the trends. And what is in a name? In Kindergarten I was Ann Marie and it didn't suit me. My family had always called my Annie and that was so much more my personality. So, in 1st grade Mom requested that they call me Annie. My classmates thought I was a new student!

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