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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Little Things

Scott isn't known for being mushy, romantic, or even tactful. He has improved over the years, but I do still occasionally have to ask him to repeat something in a less offensive way. Thankfully, I know he'd never say anything to intentionally hurt me, and with that comforting knowledge I can make this request of him. He laughs and tries again. What a good sport, huh?

What Scott is good at, though, is the little things. He's wonderful at kissing my forehead while I'm entranced in my writing. He has been known to rub my back, for a brief moment, when I'm working in the kitchen. And sometimes he even reaches his foot out to touch me when we've retired to our own sides of the bed. He's a good egg, too. I'm gonna keep him.

Well, today, he said something that literally took my breath away and when I thought about it later, I got a little choked up. See, I have school loans that we'll be paying on as long as any mortgage. I am taking a writing course that he encouraged me to take called "Breaking into Print" and have yet to be published. And today, when I got a letter from the school I'm enrolled in for another course focused on writing for children he didn't say "forget it" or "are you kidding?" I read the letter and said, "This could be another area to consider, but I wonder how much more it'll cost..."

"Do they take the GI Bill?" was his response. (Back story: the GI Bill is a benefit that he receives for his military service but recently became transferable to dependants, like me.)

I didn't talk for a second. It may not sound like much, but what he was saying (or what I heard) was that he believes in me. He supports my dreams. He loves me.

He's not only a good sport and a good egg...he's a darn good catch and I'm so fortunate he caught me.


Bearden 365 said...

That's wonderful Annie. It's great that you appreciate those little things about him.

Mary Teresa said...

If you tell him he made me cry I'll kick you. We need to keep up the charade that we don't like each other. How sweet to be willing to give you his GI. He is a good guy. Although I think your good guy and my good guy alone in a room might kill each other if left alone for too long. =)