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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Perfect Saturday

Isn't the perfect weekend something every good American yearns for? Realistically I don't find myself thinking, "Gee, that was the perfect weekend" after every weekend, or even after most. Maybe it's because Monday sometimes springs up out of nowhere and surprises me. Maybe it's because I'm simply not paying attention. Maybe this is just all on my mind because last weekend was no where near perfection. I had a fever, the chills, the inability to swallow without grimacing...but enough about that.

No matter what, though, this weekend I was thinking about having the perfect weekend. What is the perfect weekend, you may be asking. Well, I think it can mean different things at different times and to different people. For me, right now, though, I'm looking for a balance between having fun and feeling productive, and between time with family, for myself, and with my husband. Overall, I'd like to crawl into bed Sunday night content. I don't want to feel totally exhausted or have leftover energy that could have been used doing something earlier. I'm not asking for elation, but simple joys and memories that bring a smile to my face.

So, with all that in mind...I thought I'd share that we're off to a good start. I know Saturday isn't over with yet, and I hope I'm not jumping the gun, but thus far...it's been a great Saturday! The kids and I traversed to the zoo. We visited every animal that we didn't have to pay extra to see. I love that they get such enjoyment out of watching the animals do there thing. And, as always, we saw animals close up that we usually see from a distance. Some were active that are usually lazy. We got to talk to zoo volunteers and keepers and learn new facts or details. It was a really nice way to spend the day.

The kids all napped on the way home and I drove the long way. I enjoy taking the back roads when there's no hurry. It really only adds a few minutes, but I get to see the subtleties of life rather than highway signs zipping past. There were families in their lawns playing, mowing, and working. I saw a woman sitting on her front porch reading, a few trucks with umbrellas out selling boiled peanuts, and lots of garage and yard sales. Saturday, at its best.

Now that I've been home for a short time I've had the chance to start some laundry and make some preparations for dinner. And, of course, I've got the chance to be online. The day is going well. I feel content. Positive motivation will hopefully carry us on through Sunday, where the plans are for a little alone time, some productivity, and more time in the kitchen.

So, in the paraphrased words of Trace Adkins...here's hoping that one of those days leads to one of those nights that leads to one of those days. He was talking about some other kind of contentment (and I'm not counting that out) but the sentiment is the same...practiced perfection.

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