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Friday, September 11, 2009

Long Day Done

I just got home after a long day involving breakfast walks around WalMart and Kmart, a preschool parade, one of the more unorganized luncheons I've been to, and a nap in my car. Upon walking through the door I realized I hadn't peed all day and might want to do that...now. So, I did. Since my jean shorts were already around my ankles I chose to take them the rest of the way off and opted for an elastic waist band for the rest of the day. Once that decision was made it was clear that the too-small red tank top I'd donned in honor of Patriot's Day needed to be abandoned too. I got rid of my bra too. Why not? All of these disrobing decisions before I'd pulled my underwear up. But, as soon as I did that I decided to trade them in for a less sweaty pair.

You may be wondering if it was necessary to completely change everything. Let me assure you, I'm much more comfortable now, as long as no one comes to the door...that could be awkward. In my defense, though, it was hot today. Granted it was only 86, according to the thermometer on my car. (Should be noted that when I say "only" and "86" in the same sentence I'm breaking my own rules. Just last week when the news guy remarked that it was going to "only be in the 80's all week," I declared that "only" and "80's" shouldn't be used together.) But 86 was plenty hot today. All that parade watching, which was followed by time on the playground while they tried to organize three preschool classes, parents, and employees in a picnic format, left me sweaty, probably smelly, and sleepy.

So, now I'm in my AC ruled living room (set at 78, by the way), in fresh clothes, enjoying a movie with the kids. Aaahhhh...

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