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Friday, December 31, 2010

It IS Worth It

I just read this:  Domestic Diva's Vision for 2011.  I recommend it.  It was a wonderful read and a great reminder that the role of mother (or father for that matter) IS worth all that it takes out of us.

I'm one of those parents that needs to be reminded sometimes, actually frequently, that I'm actually doing something!  Luckily I am reminded often and in many ways. 

The other night when I tucked Jace into bed he asked if I noticed that he tells me he loves me every night.  Of course I do!  It's one of those things that makes my world seem right.  And he's constantly looking for his opportunity to cuddle mama.  Even when I feel like I've been rubbed raw with his annoyances all day long, that fact is not lost on me.

I've heard many times over the years how well behaved our children are.  Hearing that has always helped me realize that I am doing something for them.  By being home with them I am making a difference in their lives. 

When the kids laugh or giggle, that joy in their eyes erases any doubt that I might have about being a stay at home mother. 

It is easy to lose site of the meaning of our work, as stay-at-home mothers, amidst the chaos of daily life...laundry, dishes, diapers.  But it's just as easy to see the reminders everywhere.  You just have to chose what to look for.  Consider yourself reminded!  It is worth it!

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Domestic Diva said...

Oh Annie, this is so honest and sincere, I love this entry. I'm so flattered that you even linked to my entry about this topic-I'm actually very honored-I'm so happy that my thoughts were a support to you in a moment you needed inspiration-I'm so grateful to have you as a friend.