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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Comfort and Joy

So, I mentioned the other day that a dear friend of mine called.  She frequently helps me see things in a different light, even when I don't know the shadows I've cast over them.  So, while we were talking something was said that Gracie found hilarious and she let go a big ol' belly laugh. 

Over the phone I heard, "I love that laugh." 

It caught me by surprise.  It shouldn't have, but it did.  Gracie's laugh frequently wakes me in the mornings.  It overpowers the television, the story being read, the radio, anyone else who might be trying to talk.  She's loud.  And that's how I've thought of Gracie...loud.  But after that comment I realized she's incredible.  I mean, I knew that.  But her laugh is incredible.  It's honest and heartfelt.  What more could I want?  (Thanks, friend!)

So, since Monday I've been trying to enjoy laughter more.  It's fitting, I think, because this holiday season there's a word that seems to mean more to me than in years past: JOY.  It's such a little word, but I'm finding it packs a punch.  I've noticed the sparkle in the kids eyes - joy.  I've noticed the simple things like dinner with friends - joy, an embrace from Scott - joy, and laughing with my kids - joy. 

I hope that you find joy in the season, joy in life, and joy in your children.  Even when they annoy the poop out of you!  Love 'em, hug 'em...find JOY with them. 

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