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Monday, December 13, 2010

Today's Revelations

This month I intended to continue with homeschooling, but in a much less formal way and with a lot more focus on activities, crafts, seasonal joys.  Last week I started to wonder if we were taking off more time than we were homeschooling.  But today I've decided that we're definitely schooling.  These kids (and perhaps others) are great! 

See, we were going to play with money today.  I had plans to count it, pretend to pay for things with it, separate the coins, and count it some more!  Instead, just as I asked the kids to get their piggy banks, the phone rang.  I thought about not answering.  I could see the caller ID and it was a friend whom I hadn't talked with in a while that I really wanted to talk with.  I've been missing her a lot lately, so I decided to answer and let the kids count on their own. 

Not only did they count the money, but Jace got his microscope out and studied it!  I never would have thought of that.  And, honestly, if he'd mentioned it I most likely would have brushed it off.  What's there to study?  It's money!  But while talking to my friend and watching him I discovered that there's a lot to look at.  He compared dollar bills - which was faded more, what letters were on them, how they were similar.  He loved it!  And I loved the sparkle in his eyes!  And Gracie counted lots of ways.  She found that she has 240 cents in dimes.  Jace told her that 100 cents equals a dollar and she knew immediately that she had $2.40.  Wonderful.


I don't know why I get so excited when they learn something or enjoy learning or something clicks for them or whatever...but I do.  It's just marvelous to see!

So, there's that.  And while we were talking, my friend pointed out that I probably wasn't that far off base focusing on the holidays rather than curriculum.  After all, the public schools tend to do that too!  She's always so great about putting things in perspective.  And she's right!  I got tons of crafts and went to holiday pageants and parties in the years Jace and Gracie were in public school. 

So, the kids are still learning.  And that means, in my eyes, that we are still homeschooling, just in a less formal way.  It's working!  Woo hoo!!!

And I had a great chat with my dear friend.  A great day, indeed. 

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