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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is There a Gene For That?

It all started a few months ago before we left New York for our drive across several states.  Grandpa Gebel thought it would be lovely to teach the kids the punch bug game.  I was a little concerned about the amount of punching that I'd have to deal with over the week we were on the road.  Thankfully, though, the kids didn't hit while in the van!  I was thrilled and encouraged the game after that realization. 

We only called out "Punch bug!" for actual punch bugs, not all Volkswagons as the newest VW commercials suggest.  Scott is a traditionalist, after all.  The first hiccup came, though, when Gracie kept claiming Chrysler PT Cruisers were Volkswagon Beetles.  We couldn't argue with her, either.  She'd just say, "Well, I think they're punch bugs so they count."  (Picture arms folded across her chest and a nod of the head for emphasis.)  After a bit Jace decided that they'd be called PT Cruiser bugs and we could all get points for them.  I'm not sure where the point counting came in, but scoring points seems to have taken the place of giving bruises.  That's A-OK with me.

When Scott heard about this new addition to our game he said thought PT Cruiser bugs should be worth less that actual punch bugs.  So, VW Beetles are worth 5 points and PT Cruisers are worth 1 point.  And that's how the madness began!

I don't remember the exact course the additional rules to our game have taken, but here's what we currently have:
  • Volkswagon Beetles are worth 5 points and must be identified with a shout of "(Color) one!"
  • PT Cruisers are worth 1 point and are identified with a shout of "PT Cruiser Bug!"
  • "Bonus" can be called out and the vehicle identified for additional points when any official work vehicle is spotted.  This includes any vehicles with lights, writing on the side, buses, semis, construction vehicles, etc.   If the bonus vehicle is the size of a full size van or smaller it is worth 25 points, unless it is a Ford - in which case it's worth 30 points.  If the vehicle is larger than a full size van it is worth 30 points (35 points for a Ford). 
  • "Water bonus" refers to any large ship seen in the water, such as the aircraft carriers sitting at Bremerton's base.  They are worth 40 points each.
  • Bonus points can be redeemed whenever someone finds a punch bug or PT Cruiser bug.  Just simply state that you'd like to redeem your bonus points, and they're yours.
  • If someone else gets a bonus or water bonus you can call "boo-yah" and get the same amount of points.  In order to receive those boo-yah points the original person, who got the bonus, should say "Thank yah" in response to your "boo-yah."  You do not have to wait to redeem your boo-yah points.
  • If you happen to catch a clock at quarter after the hour or quarter to the hour, exactly, you can take bonus points from someone else.
  • Vehicles cannot be redeemed for points more than once in the same 12 hour time period.
  • Rules can only be changed and added on Wednesdays so that every one has a chance to get used to the new rules before the game gets even more confusing. 
  • It should be noted, that no one actually keeps track of how many points they have and Mama can put an end to the game for a set amount of time if there is too much arguing over who got what points!
So, now that you all know how to play for yourselves (Have fun!), I have to ask, do you think it's genetic?  You see, my mother used to make up rules all the time, probably still does!  Every time she thought the game of War had gone stale she'd add rules like flipping a 2 meant everyone gave their cards to the person on their left.  We'd play Sorry with a ghost player who couldn't get sent home and just went around the board trying to send everyone else home.  I have to admit that I enjoyed all her variations but was never as clever as she was in creating new rules.  But, Jace, who has come up with the majority of our punch bug/bonus game rules, is fantastic at it! 

What do you think?  Is there a gene?  Do you make up rules?

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Dogs.Dogtags and Stilettos said...

The Husband said - only the old VW Punchbuggies are allowed, thats the one and only rule - otherwise it's not punch buggy. It's a gene. I'm sure of it. Awesome post, thank you for the laugh!