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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Importance of Proper Support

Support...depending on where you are in your life that one word can bring to mind so many images.

If you're young and going through your first major heartbreak it could be a group of girlfriends who eat ice cream with you and talk bad about the boy who stepped on your heart.

If you've got kids you might think of your own mother, who talks you through those throw-your-hands-in-the-air times where said kids have you wondering if you're going to stay sane long enough to see them reach adulthood.

If you're military you might think of other spouses who help you laugh and cry and keep perspective during lonely nights and long days missing your loved one.

Maybe you think of your husband, who's strong arms hold you up when you need it. Maybe your best friend, a teacher, a neighbor. Support can mean so many things.

For me, at this point in my life...it means a good bra. I mean, seriously...I've nursed three children. I'm 32 years old. A couple of $7 bras that I bought almost a year ago aren't going to cut it. They no longer have any support. None.

And I'd started noticing other women without proper support. That's always a sign to me. It seems to me that when I'm at a certain place in life I notice others, everywhere, at the same place. When I was pregnant it seemed like every other woman I saw was too. There's probably just as many pregnant woman out there now, but I wasn't noticing them. Instead I was seeing the women whose breasts did not have proper support. I was wondering if they needed to be sized and when the last time was they bought a good bra.

So, I went bra shopping. And unlike the last time, I actually got a bra! In fact, I got two. They didn't cost me $7 a piece. But I did save $20.02 on the two of them. Don't you love thinking you saved money? They were still that much and a little more. Sometimes, though, spending $25 on proper support is just the lift you need (literally) to hold your head up high. I feel better knowing that women aren't looking at me wondering when the last time I went bra shopping was.

Hmm...I wonder what they are wondering?

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ErinV said...

Love this post! The next time you're home, I have the perfect place to take you in my neck of the woods. It's called and Embrasse Moi and it's in the village of Pittsford. They do bra fittings and have bras for every price point. They make sure you leave with a perfect fit! I love it! They'll even do alterations on your bras -- whether you buy it there or not. Who knew...bra alterations?! It's amazing!