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Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Blues...

Today's Monday. I know Monday gets a lot of flack. Sometimes I stand up for Mondays. Most of the time I don't think they're all that bad. Today is a different story. I'm blaming Monday for pretty much everything.

To begin with, I have a head ache. I don't like head aches. I don't get them very often, thankfully, but when I do they're not any fun. Now, I know some of you get migraines and I don't want anyone to think my head ache is anything like that. I can't imagine having to go through that kind of pain and discomfort. I'm just annoyed and pissing and moaning. It's Monday's fault.

On top of my head hurting, there was traffic everywhere today. I was late and I don't like being late. In my book, on time is late. And I wasn't even on time. Thankfully there were no major repercussions, but next Monday I'll be leaving even a little earlier to get everything done on time...or early.

I'm reading a book called Unconditional Parenting, by Alfie Kohn. Thus far I find a lot of it resonating with me. In fact, I'm only on the first chapter and have already used two quotes as status updates on Facebook. If that doesn't say I'm interested I'm not sure what does! The problem with this book is twofold, however.

The basic premise of unconditional parenting is that kids aren't malicious intentionally. There's an underlying emotion that they're unable to resolve or express that's coming through as misbehavior. That sounds great, except I happened to look in the rear view mirror this afternoon in time to see Gracie nail Jace is the face with her fist. Seemed pretty malicious to me. (shrug)

Secondly, even if I buy into the idea that most of the time when one of my children hurts another one it's accidental or some misdirection of emotions...what do I do about it? So far I've read that timeouts and spanking are ineffective in the long term. They may cause the current action to stop, but can leave kids feeling unloved, or loved conditionally. I guess I'll have to keep reading to find alternative ways to guide my children to less painful experiences with one another. (shrug)

Ready for more complaining?
  • the woman in front of me in the express line with fat-free dressing and a 10 pound bag of sugar, apparently that's all she needed tonight
  • the long-sleeved shirt I bought Tyler yesterday may have been on a 4T hanger, but was actually only 18 months. I didn't notice this, of course, until folding the laundry today.
  • there was only one long-sleeved Thomas the Train shirt, which Tyler wanted badly, and it wasn't his size
  • bed time is still hours away...think anyone will notice if I move all the clocks ahead a few hours?

OK, that's enough. Even Monday can only be blamed for so much...plus I'm a believer in negativity leading to more negativity. I like to acknowledge my feelings, put them out there, and move on...

...so, moving on...

A little good news: I got myself a lemon today for my water at home. It's a little thing, but I'm pretty excited about it. I always get lemon in my water when I go out and lately I've been really wanting something other than water to drink. I'm sipping my lemon water now...quite refreshing!

And one more thing...homemade applesauce for dinner tonight! Yum!

So, I hope your Monday's haven't been as grump-a-lump as mine. And, here's to a lovely and lively rest of the week!

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