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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Money Well Spent

A few months back I posted about needing to figure out my new bra size, again, after all these children and nursing and weight gain and loss. I got to it back then, and determined the correct size. However, I only purchased one bra. Having only one bra that fits seemed like an OK plan, since I had several others that didn't. What I mean is that all these other sizes would work for the few hours during the day I was wearing them and then when I lost more weight I'd fit into at least one of them better, right?


What was a financial savings a few months ago was also an uncomfortable situation more days of the week than not. It occurred to me that I would probably enjoy at least one more bra of the correct size and last week I hit the stores again.

I tried on a dozen bras, some were comfortable, some weren't, but this one...that I passed by on my first walk through the intimates section...this one was comfortable, fit well, gave enough support, and didn't cost $30.00. I hesitated in the dressing room for a while. Only spending $7.00 (that's right, only $7.00) on a bra made me a little nervous. I had visions of sagging breasts only days after such a reasonable purchase. I convinced myself it was worth a shot, though, and took it to the register.

Let me tell you, it's been over a week now and I've worn this bra every other day without sagging or any other issue. I'm headed to the store tomorrow to pick up another, maybe two! The price can't be beat...neither can the comfort!

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