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Monday, November 16, 2009


We all know that kids say things each and every day that make us smile, chuckle, almost pee ourselves laughing! They're really great entertainment, aren't they? Tyler hasn't quite gotten there yet, although he does make us laugh with his little bird lips (he puckers them so they look like a beak, in my opinion), his joyous eyes, and all the grand ways he plays. But he doesn't say much yet.

That's why he's taking speech therapy. He's almost 23 months and working at about a 12 month level for spoken language. Everything else is fine...he can comprehend everything we tell him, just doesn't speak to us in the same language. So we're working on it. He's discovered the word "more" and tries to get everything he wants saying that. He has said a few other words, though, and will hopefully blossom even more over the next few weeks and months.

While we're waiting for Tyler to crack us up saying something sweet and silly we'll just have to keep on enjoying his brother and sister.

Like last week when Jace asked if Tyler's progress with speech.

"Has Tyler's paleontologist been to the house yet today?"

"Um...(stifled giggle)...do you mean speech therapist? (not-so-stifled giggle)

"Oh! Yeah. She doesn't look at his bones. He's not a prehistoric animal. Duh! I meant speech therapist!"

Really? Our almost two-year-old can't say cup or please or mine yet but our six-year-old can correctly pronounce and knows the meaning of paleontologist? Good grief!

And to answer your question: yes, we have our hands full. Wouldn't have it any other way!

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Anonymous said...

Has he had ear infections or had his ears checked out? I know sometimes that can effect speech too.