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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


You may call me a dreamer with my head in the clouds. You may call me an ostrich with my head buried in the dirt. You may call me anything you chose, but here's the way I see things...

Our house is officially off the market. The current look of things is that Scott will go to school in Connecticut in March 2010 and on to Washington state after that in the summer. The kids and I will stay here in Georgia.

I say that very matter-of-factly, but the truth is,as one very smart COB (Chief of the Boat) told me once, that this is all written in jello, subject to change.

We don't have orders yet, even once we do...those have changed in the past too. So here's what else could happen: Scott could get orders here. The market could improve and we could still sell the house and follow him. Any combination of the above and I'm sure even some other things we haven't thought of.

So, in all of this I'd like to say this: The Navy is not the devil. It's not the Navy's fault any more than it is ours for purchasing a home rather than renting. It just is as it is. I see no reason to play the blame game. Perhaps I'm naive in some people's eyes.

I hope this little vent/rant comes across in a positive and realistic tone. Today is Veteran's Day. It's a day to remember the past, especially those who have served our country and died in her name. It's also a day to show pride and thanks for those who currently work to protect us. That includes my husband. That includes the Navy. I have pride in both, and not just today.

On any day, I think we should give thanks for those who have paved the way in our armed forces to protect our country and bring us to where we are today. I think we should appreciate the sacrifices of those who serve, march, sail, fight, fly, and struggle in any number of ways to keep our freedoms and rights. And, no matter how emotional or frustrating this situation is, I don't think it's fair to say, on any day, that the Navy shouldn't move Scott away from us.

He chose to serve in the Navy. He is good at and enjoys his job. He chose me and explained to me exactly what I'd be getting into if I became his wife. I accepted his proposal. Together we've created a strong foundation, great family, positive outlook, and are ready to face the next challenge...it isn't the first and won't be the last. So rather than put down the military for it's role in the decay of family, why not admit that no situation is perfect (in or out of the military) and support us. Support those who are serving abroad. Support, hold up, and encourage families whose struggle may be related to their duty in the armed forces. After all, their service is a positive thing. And the challenges they and their families face are sometimes sad, yes, but necessary.

I don't think I'm oblivious, but some might say so. I think I'm positive and realistic. I think everyone should work on echoing my rose-colored view, especially on such a day of memorial and remembrance. It's easy to get dragged down in all that is life in the military, but why put the focus there? Why not concentrate on the bravery, strength, commitment, and love for their country that military members have? Why not slip on my glasses and feel the pride, every day, that I have in my husband, his job, our family?

Yes, struggling through these next few months or years won't necessarily be fun...but who's to say it's not the struggle we're meant to go through. It'll build us up in ways we never knew possible. We'll find emotional reserves we didn't know were there. Life will be an adventure...and I love adventure. How do I know? How am I so confident? Because that's what military life is, when you view it through my eyes, an incredible, pride-filled, uplifting adventure.

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