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Monday, November 16, 2009

Classic Queen By Our Little Queen of the Nile

This is Gracie's current version of "We Will Rock You." It has changed many a time. No matter what alterations she makes, it remains one of her favorite things to clap to and shout at the top of her lungs! And, she's even getting Tyler to sing along with her.

We will, we will rock you! Rock you!

We will, we will rock you! Rock you!

Got mud on your face. Big disgrace.

Chicken pox all over your face.

By the way, I got this little costume for $1.74. Can't beat that! And, no, no one has chicken pox. Everyone is healthy, happy, and ready for a group sing along!

1 comment:

Mary Teresa said...

I'm 23 ans it's still one of my fave songs to clap and shout. Although its never included chicken pox....