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Monday, May 24, 2010

Wise Guys

I'm surrounded by wise guys. Gracie and I aren't dumb, but the boys in our family have such wisdom...you can see it in the gleam in their eyes!

The other day Jace was reading a Magic Tree House book in the back seat and reported to me that Jack and Annie remembered something from another book in the current book. Here's how it went:

Jace: Mama! I'm reading Magic Tree House book #39 and Jack and Annie remember something from Magic Tree House Book #4.

Me: They do? How do you know? Does it say that in there?

Jace: No, but it says something about pirates and in Magic Tree House book #4 they went on a pirate ship.

That's right...he remembered down to that detail. He always runs to get his Wildlife Explorer to show me things he's learned about animals. He reads each card when it comes in and then uses the binders as resources to convince the rest of us he knows what he's talking about...as if we doubt that!

Tyler's wise in a little bit different way. He's never had any problem understanding the spoken word, but he still chooses not to speak much himself. Instead he giggles and runs away. Or he might head butt you and laugh. Or, if you're his big sister, he's likely to climb up next to you when you're sitting quietly and say, "Ha ha!"

And then there's Scott. He's incredibly smart, first and foremost, for marrying me! But beyond that, he surprises me with little gems of wisdom as a father. One of my favorites is, "When their ears go to sleep, the rest of them is soon to follow." Kids become unable to follow directions when they're tired. And it's nothing but frustrating to try to get toys picked up or dinner finished or to get in and out of a store with a sleepy kiddo.

Trust me...I know. The kids have been plenty tired these last few weeks. But now they're sleeping peacefully, ears and all! Tomorrow there with be more astounding sparks of wisdom from Jace and more wise cracks from Tyler. And, in two days, we'll get hugs and kisses from Scott...and lean on his wisdom, his strength, and into his arms! We all miss him and can't wait to see him soon.

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