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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Helllllooooo Out There!

Hey there, everyone. How are ya'll on this fine Tuesday-after-a-holiday-weekend morning? I'm good. I'm sitting on an exercise ball, typing away on my husband's computer, while listening to Fitz in the Morning on the Wolf - a radio station that Scott loves out of Seattle. He's getting into the Pacific Northwest state of mind. (It's been so long since I've typed that I just had to think about writing "husband's." I first wrote it "husbands" then stopped before adding the apostrophe and talked myself through it. "I only have one husband and this is his computer." That's when I backspaced the original s, added the apostrophe, and retyped another correctly spaced s. Do you backspace or delete when you make mistakes or use the mouse to go back and make your corrections?)

Wow. I'm all over the place! I guess that happens when you're sitting on a ball!

Anyway, what's everyone else up to? Scott and I have left the monkeys with any number of relatives (THANK YOU relatives!) and we enjoyed a ride in the new truck out to Connecticut where I'll be hanging out during his last week of school. Did you know he got a new truck?

Well, there she is! If you've known us for very long you're probably wondering why this truck isn't green. Our last 5 or 6 vehicles have been some shade of green! But this is a really sharp grey and we saw another one on the road yesterday with black on the bottom and over the wheel wells...sharp. We haven't named her yet, either. Roxy (the old truck) was a part of our lives for so long, longer than our actual children, that we feel a proper mourning period would be good. Not really. We just haven't found the perfect name yet! Gotta get a feel for her first.
So, as far as the rest of my life...things are good. The kids and I spent 5 nights at Scott's brother's house. Jared's fiance has horses and the kids loved the farm. All three of them road ponies. Actually so did I! It was a lot of fun. I'll post some pictures after I figure out how to get the pictures off my camera. I can't find the cord right now and the camera card doesn't fit in the computer. Sometimes technology is a pain! But, anyway...we had a great time. Grandma and Grandpa Gebel and Scott came a few days after us and we all relaxed in our own way.
Jace explored all the nooks of the landscapes of the farm. Gracie played with Kate's hair every chance she got. Kate is the soon-to-be-aunt with horses, and really fun hair! Tyler loved the neigh-neighs, tractors, and many fire trucks. Scott's brother is a fire fighter. Kate and Jared have a very fun dog too, that we all enjoyed playing catch with. Scott, Jared, and Tom (their father) spent their time working on the farm, fixing fence, baling hay, creating the framework for a large door that will be going in the 100-year-old barn. It should be restated that they were relaxing. All three of our guys really like manual labor. I, for one, am not complaining.
As for me, I read, cooked, ate, talked and ended just about every night in the hot tub. That's my idea of vacation!
Hopefully the rest of you have found a few moments to do what you enjoy recently too. I know a lot of homeschoolers are finishing up their year...hope it's gone well. I'll slowly be making the rounds to read blogs from the past week or so during this week. Can't wait to hear how it's gone. I also have pictures to look at from my cousin's wedding that we couldn't make it to, shopping to do...and not just for me, and some peanut butter cups to eat. Well, I have a project to do that will require them (not for any of you...sorry) and then I'll eat them!
I'll try not to be gone so long this time...but no promises...I'm still on vacation!

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