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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just A Little Something...

I don't have time for long-windedness. But I do have a couple extra minutes...Scott's changing a tire on the trailer that's worn bald. Sucks for him, but at least he caught it this morning rather than in blowing out while I'm following him on the road. I tend to be oblivious to everything else but the white box ahead of me...a blown tire could have ruined both our days!

So, the kids all rushed to get dressed so they could go watch him and rather than finish packing immediately I thought I'd hop online. I miss my little blog.

The quick update: we're half way through our cross country adventure. We'll be taking in the sights of Mt. Rushmore and having a restful afternoon. Should be in Washington Friday night. Get the keys to our new rental home on Sunday. Things are good.

I promise to entertain you more, and me too, in a few weeks once things settle into a new normal. Promise.

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Jamie said...

Wow - a cross country trip! Sounds like some serious family bonding! ;)

My hubby & I drove from Georgia to Connecticut and back in May; that's the longest road trip I've ever taken!