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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today is a beautiful day. It's 70 degrees outside, maybe even a touch warmer. If the wind is moving at all it's only the slightest breeze and not constantly. The sky is clear and sunny. It's lovely.

So, we've spent some time outdoors. This morning we went for a 2-mile walk with Grandma Nourse. Jace got a pet snail, which may have been left in the stroller when I put it in the van. Oh well...when I was younger I let a frog go in my parents' bedroom. I won't complain about a snail in the van!

And we just went for a bike ride. We stopped to see Grandpa Foote at work. He was actually working (not that I doubt that is his normal routine while at his place of employment) so we just said hi and went on to the park. At the park Tyler ate a little gravel, but once the tears dried he seems just fine. The ride home was tiring, but not physically...my patience was exercised!

Jace can ride fast. Gracie can't. The sidewalks were very bumpy and Tyler complained...but only a little. Glad to be back indoors for a little bit. But we've got a few beautiful days ahead...so perhaps more exercise will be in our futures.

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