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Friday, May 14, 2010

Just a Little "How Do You Do?"

So, how do you do? I'm doing pretty well these days. I feel mostly relaxed and am not worrying (too much) about where we're going to live in Washington in a mere six weeks. I have to admit, though, that I have done a little looking at rental places. I like to look. There's no harm in looking. OK, I've even sent out a couple emails to find out more details on a few places. But I'm not worrying. If we haven't lined up a place a month from now...then we'll talk.

What else have I been up to other than trolling the web for rental homes? Mostly, I've been working. That's right...I'm a homeschooling mama. It's a job! :) And I'm attending my first conference. It's an online convention: The Old Schoolhouse Online Expo. If you're just hearing about this, don't worry you're not completely missing out! You can go in and browse the vendor hall now, without buying your way into the convention! You can also order the downloads that will be available after the close of the expo. And if you're like me, and just getting into homeschooling, you might find these sessions highly informational! I've probably attended about half of them and taken almost 20 pages of notes! This morning I was looking through my notes, getting ready for today (the last day of the expo), and realized I need to weed through all that I've learned and really pick out what I want to work into our lives and what I'm willing to wait on. Even the prospect of that excites me! I'm a planner and am really enjoying designing our homeschool.

That's about it, ladies and gents! Even though I've been in New York for 4 days now, I haven't been running in 16 directions. I took one day to visit all our parents and I've been huddled in the corner with my computer since. Tomorrow should be a relaxing day - finally one without rain - so I'm hoping we can all get outside and enjoy it. And I'll be getting together with some old high school friends tomorrow night. Sunday we're going to see Thomas the Train, that should be fun. But thus far, we're not overloaded. I like that.

One thing I am doing, though, is counting down the days until I get to see Scott again. (Miss you!) He was around during the last move and moving out of the house without him and traveling so much with just the kids has been fun, but so very different. We've been sharing stories with him, but we're all excited to see him again! And, we're under two weeks...yay!

So, that's our lives in a nut shell. I hope you're all doing well today too and maybe you can take some time to listen to the birds outside your door too. That's the melody I have playing right now. That and a truck from the gravel pit! Have a great weekend!

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