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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Style

Recently I asked you for help to define my style and maybe come up with a celebrity or two that I look to for fashion inspiration.  I promised pictures of the "professional looks" I put together for my training this week.  Here's what I came up with:

Pinstriped black slacks, tangerine colored shirt with braided neck, and sequined grey sweater.

Gracie took this one.  Don't you love her artistic eye?  This is a pair of brown cropped pants, a boat neck navy blue shirt with a sleeveless grey-plum extreme V sweater and a light blue sweater.  Plus I love these shoes - they have little bows on them!

A drop waist flowered skirt (that I got TONS of compliments on), a v-neck Hanes T-shirt, and an orange sweater.

You'll notice I forgot to take a picture in this last outfit.  But I figured the key thing for you to see was the clothes, not necessarily me.  Flower scoop neck shirt with pink sweater.  I wore jeans today and sandals.  Casual Saturday at training!

So, what do you think?   Am I a hopeless case or a thirty-something with a chance?


Jane said...

Good job with the professional outfits. I love the colors! You are very good at putting colors together. How did it go?

Annie said...

Thanks! I love color and wanted to keep it, and a little of my sass, in my professional looks. The training was great! I learned a lot, met some wonderful people, and had fun!