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Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Update on 2011 Motto: be

Can you believe it's April?  Every year I find myself saying more and more often how quickly the months pass.  I guess that's probably part of growing up and getting older.  But I don't even realize half the time that I am growing up and getting older.  Things sneak up on me.  If it weren't for the constant reminder that Jace will be eight years old this spring I would be quite shocked by that fact too!  I guess time really does fly!

The focus should be, I guess, on what I'm doing with my time, then, right?  I mean I can't slow it down.  Even though sometimes I'd really like to.  I imagine a big ol' hand break that I force back with every ounce of my energy just so I can sit for a second and catch my breath.  But that's not going to happen.  So, how do I catch my breath?  How do I spend my time?  Am I living in the spirit of my 2011 motto

(If you don't want to go back and read that post, here's the short version...rather than make a resolution or set a goal for 2011 I gave myself a word to keep in mind throughout the year.  My word is be.  I added that I'd specifically like to be intentional and be present.)

I'd like to say that I am.  I'm not perfectly being anything.  (So thank goodness that wasn't what I wanted to live up to!)  But I am being. 

I'm being a wife.  Scott and I have had some great conversations, enjoyed time together, and are planning a night away later this month.

I'm being a mother.  I've taken the kids to the movies and watched some at home with them, without my computer in my lap.  (This is key to my being present and intentional.  I tend to half pay attention while clicking away on the keyboard.  I don't want to do that, so I'm not!)  We've done puzzles, read books, gone for walks, cooked together.  I've taken time with each of them to do something small one-on-one. 

I'm being a friend.  I've gathered friends for game night and arranged meetings with others.  This is an area that I let slide more than I'd like to admit, but I'm working on improving and feel like progress is being made. 

I'm being several other things too.  There's never a lack of places to be in, is there?  I'm enjoying things, though.  I'm enjoying focusing on one task at a time.  I like homeschooling with the TV off.  I like typing this blog while Tyler's napping and the other two are outside playing.  It's not always being intentional and present in only what I'm doing now, but I feel great about it when I'm able to do it.  I feel productive and content. 

How are you all doing in your 2011?  Did you make resolutions?  Mottos?  Goals?  Have you revisited them?  I hope everyone's April is off to a wonderful start and that you're all able to be what you want to be.

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