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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Style - What's Mine?

Some of you knew me back in the day.  What day?  The day when I had a style of my own.  I wore long floral dresses and shirts made from dresses bought second hand or given to me by my grandmother.  And I had this one dress that I loved that was crushed velvet and looked like a colorful oil spill!  Awesome!  And that wasn't my only piece of crushed velvet.  I liked bright colors, older styles, and textured fabrics.  That was then.

Now?  Well, now I'm wearing over sized men's sweats with "Navy" written down the leg and a grey sweater. 

Over the last dozen years I've gone through a lot of size changes (been down to a 10 and up to an 18) and job changes.  You can probably imagine that what I wore as an undergrad was slightly different than my wardrobe as a therapist.  And, for more than the last five years I've been a stay at home mom.  I've tried to keep a little sass in my wardrobe, but sometimes, like when I actually have someplace fun to go, I realize that I'm missing it. 

Earlier this week Mama Loves Papa posted a response to a reader question about her celebrity style icon, if she had one.  She posed the same question to me.  I was stumped.  Who do you think?

I like flowy items and structure.  I love open necks, especially boat necks.  Cowl necks are fun too!  I love maxi dresses and flat front, straight leg pants.  I'm a fan of rich colors like teal, purple, orange and blue - and yes, I combine them.  Brown is my favorite neutral.  Does that help at all?  Can you name me a celebrity mentor to study up on style? 

The last complete outfit I bought for myself.

Well, if you still need a little help...I'm going shopping this weekend.  I have a class this coming week that requires me to dress professionally.  My sweats aren't going to cut it!  I do have a few items that will work, but I can't wear them for four days straight.  So, when I have four professional outfits put together I'll take pictures and post them.   I know....exciting!  Right?

But, in the meantime...throw some names my way of actresses and singers who wear relaxed clothing with a touch of sex appeal and a whole lot of comfort!

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