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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mrs. Mama

I don't know if multitasking and combining roles or jobs is all that new, really.  Just think about parents - they've been around for a while and I don't know anyone who is "just a parent."  So I think we just keep changing the name for things and adjusting what we're multitasking as times and situations change around us.

Look at me...My kids like to ask about the "real jobs" I've held.  Let's see, in my adult life I've been a college student, which they're not convinced is a real job at all, but I say it is.  While in college I also held several part time positions - secretary, teaching assistant, Queen of Taco Bell (that wasn't the actual title, in case you were wondering), coordinator of a mentoring program, peer educator - not all at once, but often more than one at a time.  Then I went on to be a graduate student, during which time I was a new wife and a mother to be before my schooling was done.  For a year or so I was focused on being a wife and mother.  I was a research assistant and an academic advisor for a while.  Then a mother of two, still a wife, and pretty soon a Passion Parties consultant to boot.  Sometime after that I settled back down to wife and mother, this time with a third on the way and then born.  And now I find myself still a wife and mother and also a teacher.  That's why Gracie calls me Mrs. Mama.

Through all of this I was many other things too, as we all are - daughter, friend, aunt, confidant, sister, planner, listener, granddaughter.  Sometimes I do well at most of what I do.   Other times I don't live up to my own standards.  But it's all part of my role as me. 

I'm looking at taking on either FRG (Family Readiness Group) president or Ombudsman for our command.  I've been asked if I'll put the kids back in school.  People have asked how I'll do it all.  Am I taking on too much.  I've to say - this isn't anything new.  Not for me, who has loaded a lot on her plate in the past and can balance it again.  Not for a lot of people, who tackle more than one responsibility at a time for many reasons.  I not only think I can "do it all," but know that I can.  I'm Mrs. Mama!

And it apparently runs in the DNA to take on a few job descriptions.  Gracie has come up with two clever ideas for future businesses she'd like to operate.  She might open a salon/bakery so that people can eat cupcakes while getting their toes painted or be a massagetologist and work with stars, relaxing them before big shows and applying their make up! 

If you're like me you have more than one task to tackle, it can be done with a smile and confidence.  If you're like Gracie, you can do it with a spring in your step, sparkly shoes, and the best giggle ever!  So, get to it! 

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