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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday Plans

What better way to come back to my blog than to fill you in on what my kids have been saying...right?  Tonight's story is all about Gracie.  The other two have certainly said crazy things too, but Gracie's had me rolling all day today!

Gracie: "Here are a few things I'd like for my birthday, since it's really close."
Me: "Really close?"
Gracie: "Yeah. June is only about three months away. You need to start planning. I don't want you to be still thinking about what to do two days before my birthday like you are with Dada's."

"I want a princess cake or a barbie cake or a barbie princess cake."

"JAA-AACE, why do you have to be so obnoxious?"

Mama:  "So, what do you guys think we should get for Dada's birthday?"
Tyler:  "Monster truck."
Gracie:  "Don't you want to survive?"
Tyler:  "Dada like monster truck!"
Gracie:  "But if we buy Dada a monster truck than we won't have money for food and that means we won't survive."
Tyler:  "Hmmm.  (pause)  Next year monster truck."

(Doing a mad lib with Dada, who's turning 33 in two days.)
Dada: "Next you need a large number."
Gracie: "Thirty-three."
Dada: "Hey!  That's not large!"

So, there you have it...life continues here as normal now that all of our guests have left.  We really enjoyed spending time with family and friends who might as well be family!  Thanks for coming...excited for our next guests, and happy to be posting on here again.  Talk to ya'll again soon.

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Jane said...

Thank you for coming back!! I missed you! Tyler is right, DaDa would like a monster truck. And Gracie will be a planner just like her Mama.