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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Note From My Mom

Dear Annie's blog readers,
Please excuse Annie's long absence from posting silly, enlightening, thought provoking blog posts.  She has been very busy with life.  Things never got so bad that a doctor's visit was necessary, although, a visit with a friend was in order and Annie complied with her recommendations to drink wine and eat dessert.  (The friend technically is a doctor, so if you'd like the doctor's excuse too, I'm sure we can arrange that.)  Annie is really no less busy now, but feeling more organized.  She's hoping to get back to blogging more regularly now. 
Thank you,
Annie's mom

OK, so my mom didn't really right me an excuse for being absent from my blogging life...but I bet she would if I asked!  It's all true, though.  I've missed writing my random thoughts in print for whomever to read.  And I do have everything ready for my giveaway that I've been talking about for some time.  (I hope to have that post up by this weekend!)  But I'm just been busy, busy, busy.  I've been having fun, using my brain, and getting excited.

Here's what's gone down: 
My husband got home from sea at the end of February.  We've enjoyed having him around again, but there's always an adjustment too.  We've been doing things on our own and now he's here.  Part of me wants to dump everything in his lap and run away for a few days or weeks.  I could even send the occasional very short email to check in.  Another part of me wants to hug and kiss him and not let go, but his work life continues, so that's a no go too.  And then there's the transition with the kids.  Dada's home but not home and what's up with that!?  There's a lot of emotional schtuff that goes along with a patrol's ending. 

I've decided to apply for Ombudsman.  Every crew has one or two ombudsmen who act as the command liaison for the command families.  Our crew is taking applications and I'm excited to try for it.  I really feel like a great fit for the job.  Scott and I have been married for more than half of his career and I have a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, which is basically a systemic approach (using as many resources as are available and willing) to finding solutions.  I'm taking the training course in a few weeks and interviewing for the position after that.  I'm hopeful that I'll get it, but really excited that I'm going for it!

Our FRG president stepped down.  Days after I made the decision to put my name in for Ombudsman I found out that the president of the Family Readiness Group (FRG), the family support group associated with our command, was stepping down from her position.  As the vice president of the group I have the option of stepping up into that role.  I decided to hold off.  I wouldn't mind it, but really feel that I'm a better fit for Ombudsman and want that job volunteer position more!  So, for now I'm the Standing President.  That means I'm taking on the role temporarily.  And, in this spot I'm working with our advisors, command, and other board members to improve how our FRG runs.  I've been reading Navy instructions on how FRGs should be developed and run.  I've spoken with others about their FRGs and I'm currently involved in rewriting the by-laws!  Never a dull moment.

Friends and family stopped in to say hi.  Amidst all this craziness, my little sister and nephew were here for a few days and my college roommate, her husband and their kids came to visit.  We played, ate, shopped, visited, played some more.  Oh - and I made phone calls, wrote emails, and tried to focus on the people who were here.  I'm so glad they came and we had a great time!  We've got a grandma and grandpa coming next month...excited for that too!

So, that's been life here.  Yes, we've sort of kept up with school.  We've completed 144 days at this point and I'm still amazed at how much they learning.  Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get them to tell Scott something they learned that day.  Other times they're all over it!  A day or two ago Scott put new tires on his truck.  They're 35 inches tall.  Gracie asked if she was taller than them. 

Scott asked: "Do you know how tall you are?"
Gracie: "Yeah, four-two."
Me:  "And do you know how many inches are in a foot?"
Gracie: "Twelve."
Me: "Yup..."
(waiting to see what happens next)
Gracie: "So four feet is 48 inches."
Me:  (jaw drops) "Um, yeah.  Now add your two inches."
Gracie:  "Ten!"
Me:  "Yes, eight plus two is ten.  So, what is forty eight plus two."
Gracie:  "Fifty!  I'm taller than Dad's tires!"

Really?  Yup, she's that good.  And I'm that proud. 

So, life is still a little busy here, but more organized and in a few weeks I'll know if I'm Ombudsman or FRG president and then everything will change again!  lol  But I'm ready for it this time, so hopefully I'll keep up better with touching base with all of you through my posts.  I've missed blogging and have many ideas I'd like to write on. 

Hopefully I'll be back again soon.  Until then...

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