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Monday, March 28, 2011

To and Fro

The other day I was driving down the road we live off of.  It's a road I drive almost daily.  And, like many roads in Washington, the speed limit frequently changes for reasons I don't necessarily understand. 

So, there I was driving down the road.  I'd just noticed that I was going a little over the speed limit as I coasted down a hill and around a curve and directly into the radar gun of an unmarked police car. 

I pulled off the road, told the kids to keep their comments to themselves and waited for the officer to come to my window.  He did, informed me that the speed limit was actually even less that I thought it was and that I'd be getting a ticket for 15 miles per hour over the posted speed.  Lovely.  Lov-i-ly. 

The kids got quite a kick out of having a police officer so close.  They liked the state trooper patch on his uniform.

Tyler is pretty certain that Dada was on that very submarine pictured on his uniform.  I was in no mood to argue, so...yup...that's the HMJ on the Kitsap County Sheriff's uniform patch. 

Later that same day, thanks to this little encounter, a marked police car had to slow way down to follow me on another road that also changes speed limit.  He caught up to me when I was in the 50 MPH zone and had to slow way down.  He was definitely going faster than the posted speed.  By the time we reached the 40 MPH he'd backed off a little.  I figure he ran my plated, saw that I'd gotten a ticket mere minutes before, and knew I couldn't be intimidated into going faster.  He patiently followed me into both the 35 MPH and 25 MPH zones before he finally turned off and I continued on...going 25 MPH. 

I've been keenly aware of the posted speeds since getting my ticket that is costing twice what I was planning on paying for a massage this week.  I have come to two conclusions. 
1)  The massage is getting put off for a few weeks.
2)  Driving 40 downhill around a curve is painfully slow and there must be another way to get into town! 

Drive safely.  Or, as we like to say here...Drive Friendly!


Staci said...

I know they're just doing their jobs, but why do they have to do them in the most difficult spots? Grr. I hope he was at least nice enough and good looking enough that you could smile...

Hope you have a better day.

Annie said...

lol...he did smile and seemed sorry that he was ticketing me. I don't blame him, but am annoyed by how frequently the speeds change here! And, I don't like parting with money and getting nothing out of it expect a lesson learned! lol