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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sharing Passion

What are you passionate about? Do you devote extra time to volunteering in the NICU or write grant requests for non-profit groups? Are you a one-on-one mentor or lead a religious education class? Maybe you run for an office to try to bring about change or buy a few extra groceries each week for the food bank. No matter what you're doing...you're making a difference.

As I was unpacking I found a shirt from college. It was a shirt I helped design after hearing a story during a training for a mentoring program I worked with. The story goes something like this:

A man was walking down the beach, stepping over and around a great many starfish that had apparently been stranded on it when the tide went out. Off in the distance he could see someone walking toward him. The man walking his way stopped every so often, but he couldn't tell what he was doing. As the two got closer, the first man could see that the second was picking up starfish and tossing them back into the ocean. He shook his head a little. When he got close
enough to talk to the man he asked, "Why bother? You're not going to make a difference."

The second man bent down and picked a starfish from the sand. He looked at it for a second, threw it out into the ocean and said, "Made a difference to that one."

It's a good lesson to be reminded of.

Here are some links that you're welcome to visit. People are making a difference.

Baby Pickel

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day

Random Acts of Kindness


Angel Food Ministries

Habitat for Humanity

Meals on Wheels

National Parks

Find your niche and volunteer!

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Mary Teresa said...

I love you. And I just realized I never told you happy birthday! I suck! Or maybe it's a good thing since now you're old ;) This is an awesome post