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Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Me! Monday...Washington

If you are an avid reader of MckMama's blog then you know about her wonderful, freeing series

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

That's right...I'm about to write a little post about things I'd rather forget...or at least not admit to! Enjoy!

So, yesterday I might have witnessed (or not) something that I immediately wanted to post on my blog, but wasn't sure how without Scott scolding me. Then I remembered Not Me! Monday. Lucky day, lucky day. We ate on the porch and Scott was taking plates out to the table as I served them up. He didn't walk right into the screen and cause one plate to flop over onto the other he was holding. I didn't have to stifle a giggle when I realized what happened. (He he!)

And today, we're not off to a great start like only Monday can bring! The morning didn't begin with slamming doors. The children hadn't gotten up early (as in before I wanted to get up!) and decided to go in and out of each other's rooms...five, ten, twenty times. OK, I really wasn't counting, but...seriously, pick a room already!

After I crawled out of bed and showered I met the monsters head on. Tyler wasn't curled up on the floor while his brother and sister played loudly around him. I didn't pick him up and cuddle him close so we could both wake more slowly in the living room. There weren't immediate pleas for breakfast from Jace and Gracie...mind you, all before I was planning on waking up anyhow!

After I put the cheesy eggs on and the toaster down Tyler, who was waiting eagerly at the table by then for his breakfast too, didn't throw up. That's right, he didn't just vomit down the front of him after coughing and choking on his way-runny nose. He's not standing next to me now trying to lick more of the boogers leaking from his cute little nose. (Yes - I wiped it!)

Then, when I finally got to make my breakfast, I didn't set off the smoke detectors for the 4th time in the two weeks we've been here! I didn't even burn anything - put apparently I made enough smoke. What a morning!

So, I'm taking a break from my day to post this. I'm hoping that by posting it I can be done with all things worth denying and go on to have a great day! Don't forget to read other people's denials too. Everybody needs a good laugh on a Monday morning.

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Mommy2Four said...

LOL... I think smoke detectors are getting more and more sensitive! My shower set mine off! (still trying to figure out that one!)