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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Parsnips and Patience

You know how sometimes everything clicks. You hit every green light through town. Your kids said please, and weren't not whining when they did. They said thank you too, and you didn't have to remind them. Dinner didn't burn and everyone ate it.

Well, today wasn't one of them. It started out well, but after lunch things headed South. I tried to take a little nap while Tyler was doing the same. Jace and Gracie ended both our naps before long. In fact, I hadn't even fallen asleep yet. I cuddled with Tyler for a while, hoping he'd go back to sleep. But after a short time he decided to get up and play. The three of them quickly confirmed what I already sensed...I wasn't getting my nap.

I did boot them outside and watch a very strange movie this afternoon. So, that was nice. But then there was dinner. I tried something new. It didn't pass with flying colors. I'm not even sure it passed. The shrimp and scallops both got overcooked. The parsnips and carrots were flavorless. Ug. Scott, in his ever encouraging way, did let me know that the peas turned out really good!

Aside from all of that...there's Jace and Gracie's little attitudes. Jace has had a lot more downs than ups since turning seven. He's been rude and aggressive. I don't like it much at all. And when he's not getting scolded for that he's breaking into tears over something. Who knew boys were so emotional? (If you're saying, "I did," why didn't you tell me?) And since getting to WA he's had a few mishaps of the #2 variety...again. He'd been doing really well. (If you're not aware of his past issues, Jace and I dealt with "accidents" for over a year. We'd finally come out the other end of the issue, if you'll excuse the play on words, and I was cautiously happy.) Both times he's had problems he's been down at the neighbors playing and, apparently, unwilling to come up and use the toilet here or ask to use one there. If I remind him to try before he goes he usually does. However, if I don't remind him he doesn't do it on his own and today he had another "accident." I put it in quotes because I really feel like he's being lazy and not having accidents at all. That might just be my tired bitterness talking.

Anyway, after today he's not going to be allowed to play at the neighbors for a week. Gracie can't go down for at least tomorrow. She's grown her own little 'tude. She thinks it's perfectly acceptable to tell me what she's going to do, and not ask. After she's been playing with the kids down the street this little problem often becomes a big problem. So, she'll be staying home tomorrow too. Hopefully they can both remember how they should be acting. We know they know how to be good children. I just want to see it again. The proof is in the pudding.

Speaking of pudding...doesn't that sound good? And it would have fit in perfectly with patience and parsnips in my post title! Oh, well. I'll consider it an opportunity missed. Where'd that saying come from anyway?

Well, back to the parsnips. I'm convinced they should be part of our diet, so if you have a home run recipe for parsnips...please share!

Thanks for listening, or reading as the case may be. Here's to Monday...may it go better than today.

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Marilyn said...

Motherhood has challenges at every phase---I can relate. Our teenager is having issues at the moment and she's the caboose! I guess God doesn't think I've had enough training in patience yet......