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Monday, June 13, 2011

Fantasizing about Fun Fashion!

A few months ago I started wondering about my fashion sense.  I wondered what star I might pattern myself after or at least be inspired by.  I still haven't found that answer, but I have been drawn to some styles lately. So, that's a start, right?

Then yesterday I saw some incredible dresses in a link a friend posted on Facebook.  The cocktail dresses featured were stunning and fun and full of life!  I got excited!  And I decided to put together a little list of things I like to share with all of you...if you're interested.

Orange Tunic (http://www.wallis.co.uk/)
I don't love the beads, but I do enjoy the rest of it!

Orange Day Dress (http://www.ballyhoovintage.com/)
OK, now you think I only like orange, right?  I do enjoy the brightness, but I'm a fan of many colors, actually.

Black Floral Maxi (Sakkas Dresses)
Doesn't this just look so comfy and easy?

Green Shirt Dress (www.outoftheclosetclosing.com.au)
I LOVE shirt dresses!

Purple Ruffle Shirt with Bow (www.mondiki.com)
Sorry about the blurriness, the original was smaller but  I wanted to show off the cute bow!

Flowy Flowery Shirt (http://www.jjs2.com/)
I like the pink hat better than the blue one, but I enjoy the shirt most of all!

OK, I think that's enough for now.  I really enjoyed looking at all the fashions out there and found these and many others that I like!  Thanks for letting me share with you! 

Now, go have some fun fantasizing about your your fashion finds...even if you can't find them in your own closet.

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Domestic Diva said...

Oh I love clothes! I've made it a rule that I only keep things in my closet that inspire me, and that I'm happy to wear. It's been a wonderful rule, I spend less money and buy more of what really makes my heart sing. I keep a folder on my comp of pictures of styles I love, it keeps me focused and when I see a style, or something show up over and over again I know it's a true love and not just a fad! Great post!

The movie star I relate to most of all style wise, is Nicole Kidman, in her role as Isabelle Bigalow in "Bewitched". I love absolutely EVERYTHING she wears in that movie, especially the night gown on her "Wedding night" and the AMAZING skirt she wears on her date. The cardigan with the flowers is absolutely ADORABLE in that ensemble as well. Okay, that was a LONG comment-you really got me going on this on!