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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Slow Down

I was on the phone with one of my mothers-in-law today and she said, "Maybe you should slow down."  This was after I got the kids out at the mall and went into Barnes and Noble to pick up some books Jace had put on hold yesterday.  We had gotten to the counter and couldn't find the gift card he'd gotten for his birthday.  So, I'd taken the kids back to the van, back home and, after searching the house for a few minutes, had found the card in Jace's wallet.  So, "Maybe you should slow down," wasn't completely off base.  However, had she been in front of me I would have laughed in her face.  Since we were on the phone I laughed in her ear instead!

I told her I don't have time to slow down.  I really feel like that right now.  There are dentist appointments, doctor's appointments, Ombudsman duties, mom duties, wife duties...lots of hurrying up to sit and wait.  I'm answering phone calls and emails while making cakes.  I'm finding time to mow the lawn, make meals, read books, and play games.  We're finishing up our homeschool year and making plans for the summer.  It's busy.  It's exhausting.  It's good. 

Really, it is. 

I don't feel overwhelmed.  Sure, I have my moments, but mostly I feel content.  But, my mother-in-law is right.  I should slow down from time to time.  And not just when I'm tapping my foot waiting to cash out at the grocery store. 

I think tomorrow we're going to go for a walk, pack a picnic, and enjoy the easy life.  And maybe I'll teach the kids a little Simon and Garfunkel...

Slow down, you move too fast. 
You got to make the morning last. 
Just kicking down the cobblestones. 
Looking for fun and feeling groovy.

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Domestic Diva said...

You are amazing. AMAZING! You may be busy at work, but it's not busy work,it's influential and important work. Thank you for all you do, you are so greatly appreciated and admired, by LOTS of people!