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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saved by Silence

I remember moaning when Mom wanted to turn the radio off in the car when she was taxiing me from one place to another.  Now, I'm the mom.  And sometimes I turn the radio off.  Sometimes I leave the television off.  Sometimes I go in my room, shut my door and pray that my kids will give me time to rest in silence, since I can't turn them off.  It's good for all of us.  I promise you that. 

Today the kids were starving.  Every few minutes (it was probably more like every half hour, but seemed more often) someone wanted something more to eat.  Then another one would get word that someone had been allowed to eat, so they'd ask for more.  And no one could get anything themselves, so I was up and down helping my growing children rather than being able to focus on the projects I was working on.  One such time went something like this:

Gracie:  "Mama can I have a snack?"
Mama:  "Didn't you just get done eating?"
Gracie:  "No.  We ate lunch almost an hour ago.  And I'm hungry."
Mama:  (sigh)  "Fine.  Have a piece of fruit."

Fridge opens.  Fridge shuts.  Noises come from kitchen.

Gracie:  "Mama, I can't get the raspberries open."
Mama:  "K, just a minute."

Finish typing a sentence.  Put computer down.  Get off couch.  Go to kitchen.  Struggle with obnoxious raspberry container.  Go back to living room.  Re-read what I wrote.  Noises in kitchen.

Gracie:  "Mama?  Can I have blueberries too?"
Mama:  "That's fine.  Go ahead."

Fridge opens.  Fridge closes.  Noises.

Gracie:  "I can't get the blueberries open."

Put computer back down.  Go back to kitchen.  Open blueberries.  Back to living room. 

*****time passes****

Jace:  (running down the hallway)  "Gracie had berries!?  Can I have berries?"
Mama:  "Yes.  Please.  Go ahead."
Jace:  "Awesome!"

Fridge opens and shuts.  Noises.

Jace to Gracie:  "How'd you get these open?"
Gracie to Jace:  "Mama did it."
Gracie to Mama:  "Mama, Jace can't open the berry containers either."
Jace to Mama:  "Yeah, can you help me?"
Mama:  "Yes, just a minute."

Finish typing another sentence.  Put computer down.  Get up.  Go out.  Open containers.  Almost make it back to couch.

Tyler:  (running down hallway)  "Can I have a snack?"

Likely, you get the idea.  So, in the midst of this eating frenzy I was trying to get some things done.  I was tired to begin with and the starting and stopping and re-reading and whatnot did not help.  So, at some point I decided I needed a nap. 

I was irritated with the kids for nothing more than being kids.  That's never a good thing.  I was disappointed with myself for being irritated.  I needed a time out. 

Can I tell you how thankful I am that my irritating and hungry kids are wonderful enough to be quiet for 45 minutes while I close the door on them and curl up in my quiet bed?  Very thankful.

Whether it's quiet time in the car or in the home, I am a firm believer that a mother's sanity is saved by silence every now and then.  What do you think?  How do you preserve your sanity?

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