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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Importance of Insignificant Events

I went shopping for a swimsuit last week.  I didn't find one, but I looked!  While I was picking through the clearance racks a rather unhelpful saleswoman offered me a size 20 off the rack to try.  I don't want to sound full of myself, I'm not.  It's simply a fact that I've never been a size 20 and I'm several sizes smaller than that right now, and getting slimmer and more fit every day. 

There was a time when I would have taken the size presented and done the Eeyore shuffle to the dressing room to try it on.  This time, though, I simply told her that was not my size, nor did I want a style that was meant to hide me.  I wanted a one piece that was flattering, yet not too provocative.  Then I walked away to another rack while she offered up a size 16 or 18...I don't even remember now.  I was only half listening because I was proud of myself for knowing what I wanted and speaking up about it.  And, she obviously wasn't listening to me either, since whatever she offered up was still not my size!

Then a few days ago I was grocery shopping and I found myself standing in the aisle staring at the many deodorant options.  I like my current brand of deodorant just fine, but I'm always looking to see what else there might me out there.  I saw Degree.  In my mind Degree is for athletes.  I know, my mind is a pretty screwy place sometimes, but it's what I've got.  So, just work with me...

I picked up the Degree and looked at it.  There were two scents, one with a black dress and one with a red dress.  (It's occurring to me right now how important marketing is to fickle people like me!)  I pondered them both and put them back.  I looked around at all the other kinds for a second and just did it - grabbed the Degree antiperspirant with the little black dress, tossed it in the cart and said, "Let's go," to the kids.  And we finished our shopping without another thought about my underarms.

Yesterday, when I finally got around to putting the non-perishables away, I pulled out the Degree and smiled.  I realized that I feel like an athlete for the first time.  Seriously, for the first time ever.  I played sports all through school.  But I never felt fit.  I was never as good as the rest of my team.  I'm not putting myself down, it's just a fact.  But now, in my 30's, I feel like an athlete.  I feel fit.

I'm not at my ideal weight or size or out of the danger zone in any traditional doctor's opinion, but I feel great and look great and like life. 

It's a wonderful place to be.

So, I encourage you to think about the insignificant moments in your life, to consider them and see if they might hold more meaning than meets the eye.  You never know what amazing thing you might discover about yourself while you're doing something mundane!

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Domestic Diva said...

As always,I love your honesty, it is the beauty of your writer's voice. I really loved how you found these incredible realizations about yourself in the everyday, what a great challenge to all of us to look with new eyes at the little things and take a moment to consider what we really think about them.