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Monday, January 12, 2009


Tyler really is a little monkey. We have a bow flex in the living room. At this point its more of a conversation piece than a workout tool for me, but Scott still uses it. And Tyler is apparently ready to get started. It's a new year, after all!

A few days ago, Scott walked into the room and found him standing on it bouncing. Today he climbed up on it several times and fell off three times that I saw. He's just so good at climbing now, and quick. I can't get to him before he tries to get down and run away...so he ends up knocking his noggin on something. Good thing he's got a check up with the doctor tomorrow.

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Cathy said...

A monkey with an 18month side noggin, covered in bruises and goose-eggs. It's such a nice picture you pain Annie, people would never know that's Tyler's also the cutest darn 1 year old (currently) in the world!
Love your blog, good job!