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Friday, January 23, 2009


It's that season...colds are rampant. Before the holidays the kids all went through some variation of the sniffles or congestion or runny/crusty eyes. That wasn't so fun. Now no one really has a cold, but there seem to be boogers in everyone's noses.

Jace is starting to catch his finger wandering to his nose and go for a tissue instead. That'll make a mommy proud.

Gracie isn't quite there yet. The other day at the store she was chewing on something and I told her not to pick food up off the floor. (Yes, that was my first thought...we're still working on that as well as nose-picking.) She explained that it wasn't off the floor, it was a booger. Is that better or worse?

And Tyler. I don't know why, but he likes to chew on the booger-sucker. I think it's actually called something else, but at our house that little bulb thing you get from the hospital when you have a baby is called by it's function: booger-sucker. He, like most babies, I think, is not a fan of having his boogers sucked and I usually have to hold him down with one of my arms over his chest and my elbow on the side of his head. That sounds so much worse than I hope it really is.

Boogers, snot, nose mucous...whatever you call it...colds are in the air. And allergy season will be starting soon here in Georgia. I have to go blow my nose.


Mary Teresa said...

hahaha. I think that Gracie is my hero for telling you that it was a booger. Good for the honest child.

Mike said...

ha - ethan loves chewing on the booger sucker, too! we gave up using it for an actual booger sucker long ago... i once said to him that i wished he could pick his nose because my fingers were too big to get the boogers i could see hanging out in there. and now he does. oops.

Annie said...

Mike, that's funny! What are you going to wish for next?

Mike said...

Oops - sorry, it was actually Susie that wrote that comment. Apparently I was (and probably still am) logged into my husband's account!