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Friday, January 30, 2009

Career Choices

My kids are always discussing what they might be when they grow up. I don't know why they're so focused on it, but it makes for great entertainment for me!

Jace, now 5 years old, has remained pretty steady in his desire to be a community helper. I think that's a term he got from school, but it covers his dream jobs: fire fighter, policeman, tow truck driver, or teacher. Scott and I aren't discounting prophet (if that counts as a job) because he talks to God quite often and tells stories with his hands. We call his hands paws and they command your attention. We'll see where life takes him.

Gracie wants to do everything. Last night she said, "I want to do all the jobs! I'll be a mama, ..." I don't know what she said after that. I was so excited that she considers being a mama a job! I hear that message from others, but hearing it from my child's mouth make me feel special and like we're doing something right. Even though I tuned out for the rest of her list last night, I'm sure it includes her stand-bys: dentist, princess fire fighter, having 62 car transporter and dump trucks. The girl's got goals!

Tyler may be telling us his dreams, but we don't understand anything but mama and dada yet. So he could be anything, well, almost anything. We have two rules regarding career choices in our house: If you want to be a gansta, rapper, or anything else that normally requires your pants hanging off your butt you have to make enough to support us in old age before you indulge in that sad look. Wear a belt, bust a rhyme, then you can let it all hang out! Secondly, no car sales, please. We're just not fond of them. (No offense intended.) Time will tell with them all.

In fact, Scott and I really don't know what we'll do when we grow up either. We're still exploring possibilities. The only thing we know for sure...we're keeping our jobs as parents. If only they came with income.

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