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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cook Book Winners and Some Background Details...

I know you've been eagerly awaiting the results of my cook book giveaway.  Since you're on the edge of your seats, here are the winners...

Congratulations Jaime!  Your copy of Everyday Paleo is on it's way!

Congratulations Carmel!  I'll happily hand you your very own Make It Paleo soon!

Kelly, I put Paleo Comfort Foods in the mail for you today!  Congratulations!

Congratulations Fawn!  I hope you find lots of tasty ideas in Primal Blueprint: Quick & Easy Meals!

And a BIG thank you to everyone who asked a question!  There were some wonderful questions and I'm excited to answer some!  Let's start with a little background, that will actually answer some of your questions...

This is a picture of me before I heard about The Primal Blueprint, which happened in February 2010.  I saw an interview with John Durant on The Colbert Report.  (You can read about how I first dipped my toes in the water here, here, and here.)  I've never really looked back, although I've gone back a few times!  I love so many things about primal living and the benefits far outweigh the short-lived joy of a Butterfinger, so it really hasn't been that hard of a decision. 

Here I am October of 2010.  (Obviously it's October...we don't always dress up like this!)  That's nine months since I'd first heard about this way of life.  It's also after moving across the country, living with non-primal family for a month, attending a wedding, supporting my husband as he began a new position, and beginning to homeschool our kids. 

This picture is me in April 2011.  I was feeling pretty good and getting into a job that would use my brain again - in ways being a stay-at-home-mom just doesn't, which excited me!  I was still eating almost completely primal, but the things that weren't primal, weren't good.  I was "treating" the kids and I to a candy bar every week.  I was drinking Mt. Dew daily, often more than one a day.  And I wasn't working out in any regular way.  Not formal working out, not playing (one of the rules of The Primal Blueprint). 

This shot was taken in September 2011, after getting rid of the candy and pop and beginning Boot Camp Diva (about 2 months in).  It was as part of Boot Camp that I learned about paleo.  One of you asked what the difference between paleo and primal living is.  I used to think that paleo was just the diet and primal blueprint covered all aspects of life.  Now, I realize that there's not much difference at all.  One difference is that paleo tends to not include dairy, but even Robb Wolf said in an interview that if dairy doesn't effect you adversely, then it can be acceptable.  So, I might say that they're pretty much different sides of the same coin.  

Both paleo and primal promote not only a paleolithic food plan, but also have a paleolithic perspective on moving, sleeping, exercising our brains and finding balance in our lives.  Both are pretty outstanding!  

So, that's my story...and I think that's all I'll stuff into this post.  It's getting on the long side.  I'll add some links with the answers to your questions soon!  

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought about creating your own cookbook? Ya know I can't NOT eat dairy. I defintaly can do without the sugar- I have been a blah coma for days after halloween. Even though my blood sugar has been normal, my body just feels blah.. Mescha