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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Awesomer Now Than I Was Then :-)

So, about a year ago I read a post on Smrt Mama's blog about identifying things about ourselves that are positive, really showing ourselves a little love and admiration.  I didn't do it a year ago.  I wasn't ready.  I did do it, though, last March.  (If you're interested, here's the link to that post.)  Smrt Mama's challenge was to identify five things each about my looks/body, my mind, and that I've accomplished without qualifying them with any sort of negative comment.  I did pretty well in March...but I can do better now. 

So, here are the "rules" in Smrt Mama's words (she said it wonderfully, why try to restate it, right?):

Have you taken a moment to consider your many amazing qualities? If not, here’s a little activity I’d like to you do:
1. Make a list of five amazing, beautiful physical qualities about yourself. Don’t couch them in an insult (“I look good for my age” or “I have nice legs for an overweight person“). You have at least five beautiful things about you, I guarantee. If you can’t see them immediately, this is your opportunity to search for them. Find those five amazing things about your appearance and list them.
2. Make a list of five amazing things about your mind. Don’t couch them in an insult (“I’m smart for someone who never finished college“). You have at least five incredible things going on up your head. If you can’t think of them immediately, this is your chance to discover them. Find those five amazing things about your mind and list them.
3. Make a list of five amazing things you have accomplished. Don’t couch them in an insult (“I’ve accomplished a lot for someone with children“). You have accomplished at least five spectacular things in your life. If they don’t spring immediately to mind, take this time to remember them. Find those five amazing accomplishments and list them.
Now you have yours lists of amazing things about your physical appearance, your mind, and your accomplishments. What can you do with them? Here are some ideas:
Share them here in the comments.
Share them on your blog as a new post.
Share the link to this blog with others, so that they can comment with or blog their lists.
Copy and share this entire post on your blog, along with your lists.
Share this entire post or a link to this post on a favorite forum, along with your lists.
Email these prompts to friends and family and encourage them to share their lists or post them somewhere.
Print out your list and put it somewhere visible (your car, your desk, your bathroom mirror) and look at it every day.
Encourage your spouse/partner and/or children to make a list, too, and share them with each other.
 Now that you know what I'm doing...here I go....

15 Amazing Things About Me

Physical Qualities
* My eyes shine when I'm excited and change color (or look different colors) depending on what color I wear.  I love having hazel eyes!
* My hands are wonderful - they caress, massage, tickle, mend, and type!  My engagement and wedding rings are beautiful on them.  My nails are strong and clean. 
*My rear is looking quite nice in a pair of jeans these days.
*I have two tattoos that mean a lot to me, representing my role as mother, our three children, and the bond I have with my sisters.  They're beautiful and I enjoy having them.
*My biceps are strong and getting stronger daily.  That feels and looks great!

Mind Qualities
* I love to learn new things.
* I appreciate the differences in others and try to incorporate traits that I especially enjoy into my own personality and life.
* I am considerate of others.
* I workout my brain in a variety of ways - puzzles, games, writing, music, thinking, planning.  And I let my brain have down time too - sleeping and vegging on the computer or watching TV.
* I'm quietly passionate about the things that matter to me.

* I homeschool our children.
* I've wanted to be an Ombudsman...and am!
* I have created a healthy home for our family.
* I take care of me, including asking for help when I need it.
* I am a loving and supportive wife.

And, that's that.  It felt great to recognize some of the things that make me amazing.  Now it's your turn...you don't have to share if you don't want.  This is for you!  But if you want to, I'd love to read how amazing you are as well.

Have a great week!

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