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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This and That

It's Wednesday.  I like Wednesday.  Just thought you should know that.  I hope your Wednesday has been a great one.  Ours has been pretty darn good, even though Jace will tell you it was a boring day.  After all, the highlight of his day was the pizza and Pepsi he got to have at Costco.  Everything else is unworthy of "good day" status in his eyes. 

In my opinion, though, things are good.  Not only did the kids get lunch out at Costco, but I got Kataluma chai.  MMMMMMM.  I think I want that as part of my last meal, should I ever find myself on death row or some other place where I can choose my last meal.  And, we got lots of errands run, paperwork filled out, groceries purchased and mostly put away.  I'm chalking that up as success. 

(I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before, but whenever I write the word success I think of Full House.  Back in the day there was an episode where Danny helped Michelle remember how to spell it by telling her, "double the c and double the s and you'll have twice the success."  And now you know how my random brain works!)

On top of all that other stuff, I'm sitting outside in the sun on a 60 something degree day.  I don't care what Jace tells you.  Today is a good day.

And how about the rest of our week.  Well, it hasn't been bad.  I've gotten to do a little Ombudsman stuff, which I like.  I've gotten to visit with a friend or two, which is always nice.  Jace started learning multiplication and Gracie is working at figuring out carrying in addition.  Jace is excited about multiplication.  On the first day of first grade his teacher asked the students to finish the sentence, "In first grade I want to learn _____."  Jace filled his blank with "to multiply."  He's been mighty patient!  Gracie hasn't been so eager to learn anything in math, though she's caught on to everything well.  She's struggling a little with carrying, but today was the first day, so I have no doubt she'll grasp it soon enough. 

We're still working away at The Amazing Race - just finished India.  Every one's writing is improving.  Jace has almost learned every letter in cursive.  Gracie's print is improving.  Outside of school they're still enjoying gymnastics and swim lessons.  Funny story from yesterday's swim lesson...while Gracie, Tyler and I were waiting for Jace a gentleman walked by in swim trunks that were slightly fitted.  Gracie said, "Some guys look like they're in their underwear."

I nodded.  "Yes, some do."

Gracie noticed, "Some guys look like they're in women's underwear."

Nodded again.  "Yes, some do."

I think I'll leave you with that!  Tyler just came and asked what's for dinner and that brings the time to my attention...time to start dinner!  Hope your week's a good one!

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Domestic Diva said...

"Yes, some do" Priceless!